House rules

Rubbish chutes can easily be clogged if they are not used as they should; causing considerable inconvenience to all residents and the janitor. Therefore, all waste needs to be packed in waste bags which are tied knot. Please do not force any larger items through the chute as this increases the risk of it clogging. There are high costs associated with a clogged rubbish chute and if this occurs frequently, it can result in an increase of common expenses. Rubbish chutes are only to be used for household waste. Empty waste bags must not be thrown in the chutes as they can damage the ventilation.

Newspapers, magazines and advertisements must be placed in the special paper containers at the end of the building. Cardboard must be left in the containers inside the wooden shed in front of the building.

Bottles and glass also have to be placed in the special containers in the wooden shed. Please only throw away bottles and glass between 9:00 to 22:00 o’clock to minimize the noise for the residents living close to the glass containers.

Bulky waste can be thrown away in the large container which is placed in the parking area twice a month. If you need to throw away bulky rubbish at other times of the month, please use the nearest recycling center at Vermlandsgade Recycling, Herjedalgade 2-4, 2300 Copenhagen S.

Balconies should always be tidy in case of a fire emergency situation. It is not allowed to hang flower pots on the outside of the balcony parapets (whether glass or masonry). It is not allowed to shake carpets and bedding out of windows, doors or from balconies. If you want to cover the inside of the glass at the balconies, this is only allowed with removable material which appears in the same color as the glass.

Please also refer to the Statutes §20 paragraph 5 which states that it is not allowed to paint balconies and exterior parts of the buildings or setting up wind shields without the approval of the Resident Board.

Ball games
Ball games are not allowed on top of the parking garage, inside the garage, on walking paths, in front of stairwells or in hallways. Please use Amager Fælled or the green area at the “Islands Brygge Kulturhus”. There is a playground for smaller children behind the building “Sekstanten”.

Use of noisy machines and tools
Noisy machines and other tools may be used only between 9:00 to 20:00 on weekdays. On Saturday, Sunday and holidays the use must be restricted to the hours between 10:00 and 14:00. Please consider your neighbors and be sure to keep the noise level at an acceptable level.

Bicycles must not stand in hallways or on the walking paths. They should be placed in the dedicated bicycle racks outside the buildings or in the bicycle racks in the basement. Moreover, bicycles are not to be placed in the entrance area. “Christiania bikes”/larger bikes are also to be placed in the bike racks. The janitor will remove any bicycles which are not placed in accordance with above guidelines.

Parties and music
All parties must be advertised on the bulletin board with your name and phone number in advance, i.e. 3 days before the party is held.

If you host a party on a Friday, Saturday or on another day followed by a day off, please keep music at a level where it can only be heard in your own apartment after 1 am. If you have a party or make noise otherwise, please keep windows and balcony doors closed after 11 pm. On normal work days, please keep music so that it can only be heard in your own apartment.

Feeding of animals
Feeding of wild animals and birds cannot take place from the buildings, balconies and the common areas.

Graffiti and vandalism
It is not allowed to perform malicious acts such as graffiti, vandalism and the like on the property. If that happens, you are liable any for financial loss suffered by the property, including payments to third party for repairs and extraordinary cleaning.

It is permitted to use grills on balconies and terraces, taking into consideration the weather and the neighbors. The use of gas grill instead of charcoal grill is recommended. Please do not place the grill close to windows as they might explode or damage the UV filter.

It is allowed to bring your pets when moving into Kompasset. Please make sure that your pet is not a nuisance to others. When pets are in common areas please keep them in leach or in a cage. Please make sure you clean up after your pets.

Payment of common expenses is to be made to the administrator DATEA. Please keep in mind that a reminder fee will be added in case of lacking, delayed or wrong payments. If a third reminder is needed, you will be informed that a bad debt company will be involved.

The basement
The individual rooms in the basement must be kept locked up. Flammable liquids and the like must not be stores in the basement. It is not allowed to store items outside the rooms. Items left outside individual rooms in the basement will be removed without warming.

The main door of the stairwells should always be kept closed and locked. Messages and notes must only be placed on the bulletin board on the ground floor.

Please do not let any strangers in the front door. The door phone is there for all residents’ safety so please make sure you only open the door to people that you know. All indoor public areas are smoke free.

It is recommended that prams and strollers are not placed on the stairs or in hallways due to fire precautions. Please place strollers in your own apartment.

The common indoor areas (hallways) are being cleaned once a week. The cleaning staff does not remove shoes, prams, etc., so please keep the staircase tidy.

Parking on public roads is in accordance with normal rules.

The janitor carries out everyday tasks such as maintaining door signs, mailbox signs, cleaning, window cleaning and bulb changing on common areas. Please contact the caretaker if you want to change the nameplate on the door phone or mailbox.