E/F Kompasset – installation of Energy- & Water meters

For the last 6 months the board have been working on a tender together with EF Sekstanten to support the installation of new Energy- & water meters in the two buildings – last mentioned in the minutes from November 21st 2019

The tender result has led to a solution including Brunata as the primary future supplier. Brunata is within the last year been taken over by our current supplier Minol, why we expect a smooth and uncomplicated transfer with full integration to our current administrator Newsec.
Andersen VVS have been chosen to handle the actual installation of the Energy- & Water meters including a visual inspection of the related connections. Andersen VVS will at the same time evaluate whether further parts needs to be changed.

Below the overall time Schedule for the installment:

Startup on January 13th 2020 (Monday) and expected to be done by January 15th 2020 (Wednesday).

What do You need to do as a owner/resident of EF Kompasset?

• Secure access to Your apartment within the above scheduled time window
   - Own presence or alternatively handover of key
• Clear access to the installations
   - Installation cabinet must be able to open completely and loose objects must be removed

BEWARE – additional surcharges related to apartment not being accessible within the scheduled timing are to be carried by the relevant owner of the apartment.

Please feel free to send any questions or if you have a need of “key-support” to: info@efkompasset.dk

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year